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Learn to Fly with John Hazelton, CFII/MEI Gold Seal Flight Instructor


 FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor

Multiengine Commercial Pilot



Providing superior accelerated flight instruction and proficiency training in the OKC Metro Area.

My students obtain their ratings and become the most safe, competent and proficient pilots possible by an instructor who is there for his students.

I am here for YOU! I do not need to build hours, I already have them, I am here to build pilots!!

Ask my more than 500 clients, all who obtained their ratings or regained proficiency.

I Specialize in:

  • Developing safe and competent pilots.
  • Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi & CFI/CFII Flight Instruction.
  • Knowledge & PTS test prep instruction for all ratings.
  • Instrument proficiency training.
  • Biennial Flight Reviews.
  • Instruction and the use of modern GPS equipment and Technically Advanced Aircraft systems.

I also ferry aircraft all over the US on a per diem basis plus expenses. Contact me for more information.

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